Felix has a new mission - level 3

Felix has a new mission - level 3

06-12-2013 14:00

Just over a year since this record-breaking skydive, daredevil Felix Baumgartner has revealed his next big challenge, but it may not be quite what his fans had expected.

“Now that I’m 45 years old, so there’s not much to accomplish in skydiving anymore, so I think it’s time to move on and this leads me to my next mission. And this is a helicopter flying.”

It was on the 14th of October, 2012, that Felix made history jumping some 24 miles from a capsule above Earth’s surface, breaking the sound barrier as well as a world record.

“Well, the idea to break the speed of sound was always there because when you’re a young skydiver you always look up to the one person who set the benchmark in, you know, that was obviously Joe Kittinger. So as a very young skydiver, I looked up to the guy and always thought how cool would it be to break that record.”

“As much as I wanted to enjoy that moment, I only had 10 seconds to inhale that moment so I took a deep breath like, this is it, you know. So I looked at the horizon. I could see the curve of the Earth. I looked up. The sky above me was completely black and I’d never seen black sky before.”

And Felix reveals why he wants to pack away his parachute.

“I’m trying to put my skills into public service and I want to work as a firefighter in the future and a mountain rescue pilot.”

Difficult words: daredevil (person who does dangerous things), accomplish (to do something successfully), capsule (part of a spacecraft which supports life), benchmark (point against which things may be compared), inhale (breath in), curve (line that bends like part of a circle).

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