Fidel Castro Turns 90 – level 3

Fidel Castro Turns 90 – level 3

18-08-2016 07:00

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro making a rare public appearance this weekend as events were held to celebrate his 90th birthday. The revolutionary leader attended a televised gala at Havana's Karl Marx theater alongside his brother President Raul Castro and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Despite handing over power to his younger brother in 2008, Castro is still held in high regard by many Cubans who were delighted to see him enjoying the festivities.

“I see him as animated, this Cuban said. He was speaking with everyone and seemed very happy. Recently, they haven't put him on television because he's been sick but now he seems much better.”

Castro didn't speak at the event on Saturday night, but in a letter published by state media, he thanked well-wishers for their support and criticised US President Barack Obama who visited Cuba in March. Many Cubans feel Fidel is out of step with the times, that his brother’s more pragmatic approach is serving Cuba well, but these celebrations show just how much Cubans still revere the man who freed their country from US domination.

Difficult words: former (-ex), gala (a special event), delighted (very happy), animated (full of life), out of step (very different from other people), pragmatic (practical), revere (feel deep respect or admiration for), domination (power, control).


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