Fight in Nepal’s Parliament - level 3

Fight in Nepal’s Parliament - level 3

27-01-2015 07:00

Fighting broke out in Nepal's Parliament this morning after a heated debate about drafting a new constitution turned sour.

Ministers and opposition lawmakers rushed to where the assembly speaker was seated but were stopped from reaching him by security officials who formed a cordon in front of the stage.

Some of them tried to break through, and when that didn't work, tried to boost other members over it.

Opposition members even stomped on desks and threw chairs. The meeting was obviously then adjourned and members of the ruling coalition criticised the opposition for their bad behaviour.

The outbreak comes as Nepal's Parliament is facing a deadline this week to complete work on the new constitution.

Difficult words: break out (to start suddenly), heated (angry), draft (to prepare), sour (bad), rush (to move very fast), cordon (a line of security officials/guards), boost (to push from below), stomp (to step loudly), adjourn (to plan something for later), outbreak (start of a problem).


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