Fight in parliament - level 3

Fight in parliament - level 3

07-05-2013 14:00

"A punch-up in parliament" is not usually a sentence you'd associate with politics but this vice broke out between Venezuela's government and opposition members over the South American nation's bitter election dispute.

The opposition said a number of legislators were injured in the brawl as they protested a measure to block them from speaking in the national assembly. Members were denied the right to speak until they recognize President's Nicolas Maduro's recent election victory. Bruised opposition MP Julio Borges gave an interview describing his version of what happened, "These people came to where we were seated and without a word hit us on our backs."

Both sides blamed each other for starting the scuffle which illustrates the volatile state of politics in the nation following the death of Hugo Chavez.

Interesting words: punch-up (fight), associate (connect), vice (immoral behaviour), dispute (disagreement), legislator (politician), brawl (noisy fight), measure (action), assembly (group of people who make law), bruised (visibly injured), MP (member of parliament), scuffle (short fight), volatile (unstable).

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