Fire at a petrol station - level 3

Fire at a petrol station - level 3

01-05-2015 07:00

Israeli police have arrested a woman suspected of setting a pump on fire at a petrol station in Jerusalem. This is the moment CCTV footage shows the woman on Tuesday approaching a man at the station and then turns away. She can then be seen turning back, pulling a lighter from her pocket and igniting the petrol pump.

The driver’s brother is said to have been sitting inside the car when it set ablaze, but luckily no injuries were reported.

A police spokesman said in a written statement that a woman approached a man while filling his petrol tank and asked for a cigarette. When he refused to give it to her, she pulled out a lighter from her pocket and ignited the pump.

The woman was arrested shortly after the incident and during an investigation she denied it.

The woman's arrest has now been extended for five days and she's been sent for psychological tests.

Difficult words: CCTV footage (security camera video), ignite (to set on fire), ablaze (on fire), deny (to say that you didn’t do something).


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