Firefighters save a man - level 3

Firefighters save a man - level 3

30-06-2014 15:00

This is the moment a firefighter disposed of a flaming gas tank ignited by a man who was trying to kill himself in a basement.

In the Chinese city of Dalian, firefighters found the man releasing gas from the tank and threatening to light it when they arrived.

The firefighters broke into the basement and found the gas tank already on fire. They immediately rushed to the tank, carried it out of the building and discarded it on an empty lawn.

“The rampaging arsonist claimed he would hurt himself with an axe and hammer in his hands. He was going to rush out of the room. It was a dangerous situation.”

Luckily, no casualties occurred and the arsonist remains under arrest by police.

Difficult words: dispose of (to get rid of something), ignite (set on fire), discard (to get rid of something), rampaging (angry and dangerous), arsonist (somebody who illegally sets things on fire), claim (say), rush (move quickly), casualties (somebody who is hurt or killed in an accident).


Are firefighters in your country paid enough?

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