Fireman saved a man - level 3

Fireman saved a man - level 3

17-05-2013 14:00

Firefighters in southern China had to mount a daring rescue after being called to a residential building where a man was threatening to commit suicide. China state television, CCTV, captured footage of the man, reported to be a drug addict, precariously perched on a beam over the stairwell.

He is said to have climbed out onto the beam with a knife tucked into the waistband of his trousers after his family asked him to attend a drug rehabilitation centre.

As firefighters prepared protective equipment and rigged a ladder across the stairwell to catch the man, he jumped.

Fortunately he fell into the arms of waiting firefighters who hauled him over the railings to safety. According to CCTV, they then carried him out of the building and send him to hospital for medical examination.

Interesting words: mount (organise), precariously (dangerously), perch (sit on something high or narrow), beam (support for building made of metal or wood), stairwell (space in the middle of stairs), tucked (put), rig (set), haul (pull).

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