Fish attack students - level 3

Fish attack students - level 3

20-04-2015 15:00

A university rowing team came under attack in St. Louis by giant flying fish. A video making the waves of social media shows the rowing team practicing when giant Asian Carp shot out of the water.

“Get it boys! Get it boys!”

The underwater army of fish can be seen jumping frantically in the water surrounding them.

It’s believe the frightening action taken by the carp was likely unintentional and a result of the fish getting spooked by the motion of the students’ rowing. The group was forced to stop rowing until the frenzy ended.

The viral footage couldn't actually come at a better time for the student rowers who said they hope to raise funds from the video to help pay for their trip to the National Rowing Championships in Florida next month.

Asian Carp are known for being highly invasive and have taken over many lakes and rivers in the United States. In the past, a number of boaters have been severely injured by the fish which are able to jump 8 to 10 feet (2.4 metres to 3 metres) in the air.

Difficult words: rowing (the sport of making a boat move through water), wave (this is a joke—a wave is when water goes up and making waves is when people are excited about something),  frantically (in panic), unintentional (not done on purpose), spook (scare), frenzy (a situation when something crazy happens), viral (very popular), funds (money), invasive (something invasive spreads very quickly).


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