Five men attack a student - level 3

Five men attack a student - level 3

06-11-2013 06:00

A group of men in London have violently attacked a foreign student apparently because he’s not local.

This shocking CCTV footage released by The Metropolitan Police shows a gang of five Asian men smashing a bottle into the face of Francesco Houney who arrived in the UK just three days before.

The twenty-two-year-old from Florida was on a night out in the Brick Lane area with a friend when the gang started to follow them home. It’s not clear what was said but an aggressive argument broke out, leading to the attack.

One of the gang members grabbed the bottle Francesco was drinking from and smashed it against his face. They then chased him across the road, repeatedly kicking and punching him to the ground.

Francesco was taken to the Royal London Hospital and had twenty-three stitches to his face. He now suffers from permanent scarring and said he is scared to go out in London alone.

Police believe the victim, who has an Italian accent, was targeted because he’s not from the local area and are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

Difficult words:

violently (aggressively)

metropolitan (relating to a large city)

smash (hit)

break out (start suddenly)

repeatedly (again and again)

stitch (place on your body where the doctor sews the skin together)

victim (somebody who has been attacked)

appeal (ask).

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