Five years of News in Levels

Five years of News in Levels

16-04-2016 12:00

Hello students,

We started our work on News in Levels five years ago. There are 260 000 users of News in Levels every months. We get nice messages from you about how much you like our news. We believe that you can learn English with News in Levels. We have three levels. All students of English can read and listen to news now. 

We believe that you can have friends and colleagues who are also students of English. They could also use News in Levels. It is possible that they do not know about our services. They do not know that such a website exists. So, we would like to ask you if you can send the link to to all students who can also use News in Levels. You can help us and you can help other students too. You can also share us on Facebook.

What do you think? Can you do it?


If there is anything we can do to improve our work, please write to us.

We wish you a lot of success with learning English. Thank you for your support.

Have a nice day,

News in Levels team


PS: You can see which countries have the highest percentage of users in the picture below.


How to improve your English with News in Levels:



  1. Read all today's articles and translate all words which you don't understand.
  2. Read the articles from the day before and see if you remember all new words.


  1. Listen to all today's news.
  2. Stop the video after every sentence and repeat the sentence.
  3. Repeat point 2 for the news which you listened to the day before.


  1. Answer the questions under today's news and write them into the comments.
  2. Chat in the  Chat room for at least 2 minutes. You can write about today's news.


  1. Choose one person from the SKYPE section.
  2. You can talk about today’s news or you can answer questions from
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