Floods in Britain - level 3

Floods in Britain - level 3

13-01-2014 14:00

For three extreme sports enthusiasts armed with a remote-controlled drone, the clouds that ended up flooding large parts of Britain genuinely had a silver lining, an opportunity to go surfing in the middle of the countryside.

Equipped with a surfboard, a long rope and a solid four-wheel drive, they ploughed their way through the picturesque country lanes of southern England.

A remote-controlled drone equipped with a camera recorded their antics.

The three, Thomas Westcott, Nick Druce and Howard Wagstaff, had originally wanted to go kiteboarding in a flooded park, but there simply wasn’t enough wind. So they went surfing instead.

“I’m one-handed. It’s the strong man contest. One-handed!”

Difficult words: enthusiast (somebody who likes doing something very much), drone (pilotless aircraft), genuinely (truly), silver lining (something good in a bad situation), plough (to move with a lot of effort or force), picturesque (pretty and interesting in an old-fashioned way), lane (narrow road in the countryside), antics (behaviour that seems strange, funny, silly, or annoying).

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