Food in the stratosphere - level 3

Food in the stratosphere - level 3

14-03-2014 07:00

A group of amateur scientists have launched a pastry into the stratosphere. Why they did it? No one knows. But it has captured some dazzling and bizarre images of the dessert flying far above the Earth.

The fake pastry treat was stuck to a home-made spacecraft called the ‘Cannolo Transporter’. This was then attached to a large helium-filled balloon and released into the sky.

The aircraft rose to at least 29,000 feet but after only two hours came crashing back down to Earth.

After a run-in with some sheep and trek through muddy farmland, the team reclaimed their precious invention.

Difficult words: amateur (person who knows a lot about something but is not an expert), pastry (sweet food), dazzling (impressive), reclaim (get back again), run-in (encounter).

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