Football groups of Euro 2012 - level 2, A11

Football groups of Euro 2012 - level 2, A11

02-12-2011 23:00

Ireland will play at Euro after long 24 years and their group is not an easy group. Look at the names. Spain, Croatia and Italy are in 10 best teams on the planet. Spain is number one, Croatia number 8, Italy number 9. It is going to be a very difficult group for Ireland.

The Czech Republic has the easiest group with Poland, Russia and Greece. Everybody in this group has a chance to win this group. There is no big name in this group, but Russia can be the biggest favourite there.

Let’s have a look at Group B. Oh, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Denmark. The matches in this group will be fantastic. Everybody must be looking forward to seeing these football teams playing against each other. Who will win this group? It is hard to say.

And the last group, France, England, Sweden and Ukraine are going to play in Group D. Ukraine is not very strong at the moment, but they will play at home so they have a chance to beat anybody. England is probably going to win this group. The question is what will happen next. They are usually good in a group, but then they are not able to go to the final.

The biggest favourite of the tournament is Spain, the best team in the world.

You can see the match between Portugal and Bosnia-Herzegovina in the video.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

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