Football player hit a referee – level 3

Football player hit a referee – level 3

18-03-2013 06:00

Who would be a referee? Bachir Awasa for one, he’s had more than enough. A Lebanese official packed it in after being attacked for issuing red and yellow cards.

"Usually whenever we issue a red card, we expect a reaction from the player and it happens. That's why when I issued the red card, I tried to step back in order to prevent any reaction from the player and indeed that is what happened. He ran after me and attacked me. When he tried to hit me, I tried to run and then the coach also attacked me and the other staff ran after me and things got out of hand and I tried to run from one place to another."

Having no idea of the reaction when he reached for his cards during a Lebanese second division game between Al-Nahda and Al-Salam Zgharta last weekend, the game descending into chaos that makes Sir Alex Ferguson seem mild-mannered.

"From the reaction of the players and the staff I expected to be harmed in a grave way. I expected it because of the way the team dealt with me and the history of this team over the past years. To be honest, I did not expect to get out alive.''

Bachir eventually needed the army to step in to save him. Armed soldiers seem only a little deterrent against angry footballers.

Interesting words: pack in (stop doing something), issue (give), descending into (changing into), mild-mannered (gentle), grave (very bad), deterrent (stopping).

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