Forty years in a jungle - level 3

Forty years in a jungle - level 3

13-08-2013 14:00

A father and son have been found in a remote jungle in Vietnam after apparently living in isolation for four decades.

The father who is now 82 is thought to have fled his village with his two-year-old child after a land mine killed his wife and two of his sons during the Vietnam war.

The pair have been living in the treetop den with no contact from the outside world for forty years. They wore loincloths made out of tree bark and survived off wild rice, fruit and vegetables. According to local media, the father speaks a small amount of the local dialect but his now 41 year-old son only knows a few words. Attempts are now being made to slowly integrate them back into society.

Difficult words: remote (far away), flee (run away), land mine (bomb that explodes when you step on it), den (small hidden home), attempt (try), integrate (become a part).

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