Four special boys are born – level 3

Four special boys are born – level 3

27-02-2013 06:00

It was a rare Valentine's Day gift. Incredibly rare. A Texas woman delivered four babies on the 14th of February and they were two sets of identical twins. Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan Montalvo were born in Houston to Tressa and her husband Manuel.

"Basically I just pumped my fist and was like 'yes!' Homerun. So I was kind of happy."

"We do feel like we hit the jackpot, yeah. But we didn't realize the odds were that great."

All four were born by cesarean section. The odds of actually delivering two sets of naturally occurring identical twins is somewhere in the range of 1 in 70 million.

Two boys shared one placenta and the two other boys shared the other one.

Interesting words: pump the fist (do a winning gesture), homerun (long hit in baseball), odds (probability that something will not happen), cesarean section (operation in which a woman’s body is open to take a baby out), occur (happen).

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