Freestyle motocross - level 3

Freestyle motocross - level 3

08-07-2014 15:00

There are many ways you can win a freestyle motocross event in front of 23,000 fans in Madrid.

New Zealand's Levi Sherwood had a go with one of these. Australian Josh Sheehan tried with a double back flip. He's not even facing the right way there.

But it wasn't enough. The expectant Spanish crowd wanted something they hadn't seen before, and that is what Frenchman Thomas Pages delivered, landing the first ever bike flip in competition.

Already known as an innovator in the sport, Pages posted a video of himself landing the trick on Facebook earlier in the year, but this is the first time it has been landed in full competition.

Coming off the ramp at a slight angle, pulling down on the handlebars to start the rotation and then spinning his body at the last second.

Completely flipping a near 200-pound motorcycle in midair was enough to secure Thomas Pages his first Red Bull X Fighters win of 2014.

Difficult words: expectant (waiting for something amazing).


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