French police and immigrants - level 3

French police and immigrants - level 3

04-06-2014 07:00

French riot police have been evacuating campsites housing hundreds of immigrants in Calais. Today, police are in the process of removing between 600 and 800 immigrants from Asia, the Middle East and Africa who are occupying camps near the port.

Several busloads of police in riot gear arrived at the camps early this morning, after a deadline for people to leave expired.

After a stand-off with local activists, the officers moved in and told migrants to pack their bags. The authorities say the evictions are needed on the grounds that the makeshift camps pose problems for public health and safety.

For years, Calais has attracted floods of immigrants fleeing poverty or conflict in their countries, many of them hoping to try to get to Britain.

The operation comes days after the anti-immigrant National Front party hammered the ruling Socialists in the European election.

Difficult words: riot police (police which usually fights aggressive protesters), eviction (making somebody leave), on the grounds (because), makeshift (not for a long time), hammer (beat).


Do you have a lot of immigrants in your country?

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