French Priest killed – level 3

French Priest killed – level 3

08-08-2016 07:00

A priest in his 80s has died after his throat was slit by two men who held him hostage in Normandy. French police have confirmed they shot both men dead. The hostages were said to include the priest, two nuns and two worshippers

The attack took place in the town of St. Etienne du Rouvray. Police have blocked off the roads around the church and paramedics have been seen pulling stretchers out of ambulances.

French president Francoise Hollande has arrived at the site of the attack. The Paris Prosecutor's office said the case has been handed to anti-terrorism judges for investigation.

The incident comes as France remains on high alert nearly two weeks after a man plowed a truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 84 and injuring more than 300.

Difficult words: slit (cut), hostage (a person that another person keeps somewhere so he can get something), worshipper (a religious person), stretcher (a flat, thin bed that you lay so people can carry you when you are hurt or sick), plow (run into).


What do you think about this attack?

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