Frozen food helps hot animals - level 3

Frozen food helps hot animals - level 3

23-01-2015 15:00

Animals in Brazil have been feeling the heat, so what better way to cool off than with some ice lollies?

Yes, that’s right! Keepers at Rio de Janeiro’s Jardim Zoological Zoo have been handing out ice-cold treats, including frozen meats and flavoured ice cream to keep their residents cool.

Temperatures have soared as high as 48°C in Brazil this summer, so the zoo has ordered all its food to be delivered in blocks of ice.

“These frozen fruits and the ice cream help the animals keep cool in this heat which also helps against fatigue. Giving them ice cream refreshes them and increases their physical activity. It stimulates their activity in this environment.”

Around two tonnes of food, including fruits such as watermelon and mango, have been distributed daily to the 2700 animals at the zoo during the heat wave.

Difficult words: ice lolly (flavoured ice or ice cream on a stick), treat (something tasty), resident (an animal or a person who lives somewhere), soar (to go up rapidly), fatigue (being very tired), stimulate (to encourage), distribute (to give out).


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