Frozen waterfall in China - level 3

Frozen waterfall in China - level 3

06-01-2015 07:00

How’s this for a winter wonderland? With temperatures reaching as low as -12°C, part of the Hukou Waterfall on China’s Yellow River has frozen over, with spectacular results.

The deep freeze has seen nature transform the landmark into something you’d more likely see at an ice palace, with tourists flocking from across the country to catch a glimpse.

“Ice is everywhere. Icicles on the waterfall, everywhere! I did not know the Yellow River could be frozen, so it’s surprising. I came here specifically for the stunning view of the Yellow River.”

But it could become yet colder. Two years ago, the mercury in the far west of China dropped to a record -40°C. A repeat could mean that the whole of the waterfall will freeze over by the time spring arrives. Plenty of opportunity still then to see a real natural wonder!

Difficult words: winter wonderland (a beautiful place covered with ice and snow), deep freeze (when cold weather happens very quickly and strongly), landmark (a place which a lot of people know), flock (to come in large numbers), catch a glimpse (to have a look), icicle (a hanging piece of ice), stunning (extremely beautiful), mercury (a heavy liquid metal that sits in a thermometer).


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