Fruit on naked women - level 3

Fruit on naked women - level 3

09-09-2015 15:00

A bar in Australia has come under fire after using semi-naked women as fruit platters. Pictures posted on social media show the women lying topless on large wooden tables as part of the tropical-themed opening night celebrations at Sydney Harbour’s Cruise Bar.

Intentionally or otherwise, the stunt has provoked a social media backlash.

This Facebook user says they can't believe that in this day and age anyone would consider it acceptable to display young women as fruit platters. On Twitter, the reaction is much the same. Surely at some point, this user says, someone puts up their hand and says serving fruit off topless women may not be the greatest idea.

Not everyone shared their disgust, however – this user taking a lighter view, calling it all a storm in a teacup.

Difficult words: come under fire (to be in trouble), semi (partly), themed (styled), intentionally (on purpose), stunt (something unusual), backlash (a strong negative reaction), a storm in a teacup (a great reaction of shock about something which may not really be shocking).


Are you shocked?

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