Fun skiing event in Siberia - level 3

Fun skiing event in Siberia - level 3

24-04-2015 15:00

Russians in Siberia put on colourful costumes to take part in an unusual winter sporting event. The yearly contest drew the likes of Superman, Zorro and a giant piece of cake. The annual event saw participants slide down a snow-covered hill and jump into a cold pool of water. Most of the contestants did not manage to slide very far across the pond. However, this did not cool down their excitement.

“Well, you can see from my jump that this is my first time, but it is fun!”

“It is simply a wonderful show. It is very positive. It is very wet. That's it!”

“I have been skiing for a long time and wanted something new – to jump into water.”

“I try various costumes that are very different every year. This time, it was Spider Man. Next time, it’ll be something different.”

This year, 111 people of various ages ranging from 9 to 68 joined the competition. However, only seven participants managed to slide across the pond to the finish.

Difficult words: like noun (a person who is appears similar to somebody), annual (happening every year), various (different), not cool down excitement (when people stay very interested something and when you get upset if you get cold – this is a pun or a joke).


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