Giant slide in a shopping centre - level 3

Giant slide in a shopping centre - level 3

24-02-2016 15:00

If you've ever felt too lazy to take the stairs or escalators down in a shopping centre but wanted more of an adrenalin rush than a lift will give you, this shopping mall in China has the answer: a 54-metre slide, shaped like a curling dragon, which winds from the fifth floor to the ground floor of a shopping mall in China's financial hub city of Shanghai.

To avoid a sudden dive from a height, the slide curves around with a journey from top to bottom lasting just 16 seconds.

Even though it hasn't opened yet, customers are keen to try it out with some saying they want to bring their kids, though, others wish the slide was see-through. When it does open on the 15th of March, only one person will be allowed on it at a time and riders must be over three-years-old and at least 3.5 feet tall (1 metre).

It's also free to customers, so your bank balance won't slide with you.

Difficult words: curling (moving in curls – in a spiral), wind (move in a spiral), hub (centre), keen (excited), slide (this means two things: to go down a surface and when money drops down).


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