Giant squid in Japan - level 3

Giant squid in Japan - level 3

05-01-2016 15:00

This is a giant squid, measuring in at 12 foot long. If 12 foot or 3.7 metres doesn't sound that giant to you, that’s because this squid named locally as “Heck” is still only young.

It's likely the next time it’s spotted, it'll be over 40 foot-long and scientists say they can grow even bigger – up to a whopping 60 foot, that's over 18 metres long!

It is believed that this giant squid is the first of the season and came as quite a surprise to onlookers at Toyoma Bay near Tokyo.

Despite normally sticking to the deep sea, Heck was spotted in the bay on the Christmas Eve, giving local divers an early present by allowing them to swim alongside and film for several hours.

Difficult words: spot (to see quickly), whopping (very big).

What would you do if you saw a giant squid?

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