Giraffe has new friends - level 3

Giraffe has new friends - level 3

21-04-2014 15:00

A baby giraffe who spent 39 days in intensive care has been reintroduced to the herd at San Diego Zoo.

Baby Leroy, who was born on January 8th, suffered from a severe bacterial infection and his chances of recovery were pretty slim. But the Ugandan male giraffe calf is now back on his feet and already playing with his new friends.

“Today at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, we just introduced our giraffe herd to one of our newest additions, male calf Leroy. So, Leroy was born on January 8th which makes him about three months old. And in that time, he has spent about one month in critical careat our hospital and now he’s in recovery. So about two months of his life. It’s been a very long road to where we are today, which is, he’s doing great with the rest of our herd.”

The San Diego Safari Park is home to 13 Ugandan giraffes, which are an endangered subspecies.

Difficult words: herd (group of animals of one kind), severe (extreme), calf (baby of a large animal), subspecies (kind of species which is a kind of an animal).


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