Girl at a cash machine - level 3

Girl at a cash machine - level 3

31-01-2014 06:00

Police have released this dramatic footage of an 18 year-old girl being held at knife point and robbed at a cash machine in Devon.

The teen was using a Lloyds TSB cash point in East Street, South Molton at 8:52 pm on Friday, the 17th of January, when a masked man burst in. He was armed with a large kitchen knife and demanded she withdraw £100.

The terrified teenage victim complied with his demand and was then told to wait in the foyer for two minutes before leaving, as the armed robber ran off.

The man is described as white, in his early 20s, 6ft tall, with a scrawny build and dark brown hair. He was carrying a black plastic-handled kitchen knife with a six-inch blade, which was serrated all the way down with a straight flat back.

The victim was unharmed but was clearly left shaken by the attack. Police are now appealing for witnesses.

Difficult words: burst in (enter quickly), comply (do what you are asked to do), foyer (lobby), scrawny (thin), serrate (teeth), leave shaken (to be afraid), appeal (ask).

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