Girl Draws With Mouth – level 3

Girl Draws With Mouth – level 3

25-08-2016 15:00

Creating beautiful art in a very different way. Sixteen-year-old Robaba Mohammadi was born with partial paralysis of her limbs, but hasn't let that stop her drawing.

Instead of sketching with her, fingers she uses her mouth. And its given her a great deal of strength.

Robaba says before she started drawing she was so depressed and cried at least two or three times a day. In Afghanistan, disability is often perceived as a weakness.

Not for Robaba, though. She started drawing two years ago and now has lofty goals. The teenager says her dream is to hold an art exhibition in the Aga Khan Museum, one of Canada’s biggest museums, and she’s asking people to help her achieve that.

Maybe Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will take notice and help speed up the process.

Difficult words: perceive (see something in a certain way), lofty (big).


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