Girl fell into a hole – level 3

Girl fell into a hole – level 3

11-04-2013 06:00

A four-year-old girl’s been rescued after falling into a deep hole at a construction site in the city of Yulin in northwest China. At 17 metres deep and just 30 centimetres wide, the hole is too narrow for firemen to use any large rescue equipment. Concerned the young girl might not be able to breathe, the first thing they do is send a red oxygen pipe down to ensure there's a good air supply. With that in place, the only way to lift the girl from the bottom of the hole is using a rope with a loop tight at one end.

A distraught mother shouts to her not to let go of the rope. With the rope in place, the team worked quickly to pull the young girl out of the hole, unaware of her injuries and unsure how long she'll be able to cling on.

Thankfully, the rescue is a success and the youngster is taken off to the hospital for a checkup. Doctors say the girl suffered no serious injuries but was treated for shock.

Interesting words: distraught (worried), unaware (not knowing), cling (hold).

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