Girls lost in Ohio - level 3

Girls lost in Ohio - level 3

14-05-2013 06:00

The joy will last for some time. The family of Gina DeJesus overcome after she was rescued from a decade in captivity.

"I wanna thank everybody that believed, even when I said she was alive, and believed. And I want to thank them. Even the ones that doubted - I still wanna thank them the most, because they are the ones that made me stronger, the ones that made me feel the most -- that my daughter was out there."

Neither Gina DeJesus nor Amanda Berry spoke publicly as they were brought into the homes they had not seen for years. The rescue came after Amanda's screams were heard by a neighbour who responded.

However, for another family the heartbreak continues. There is no word on the fate of Ashley Summers who went missing aged 14 from the same area in 2007.

"Now we need to as a whole to rally together to look next door and bring our other family member that is missing, Ashley Summers. OK?"

Police say the case is possibly linked to these and in the coming days there may be answers as suspect Ariel Castro appears in court, charged with kidnap and rape.

Interesting words: captivity (prison), heartbreak (emotional pain), fate (story), rally (come together), link (connect), charge (say that somebody may be guilty), kidnap (moment when someone is taken away and not let go), rape (crime of forcing someone to have sex).

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