Goat and tiger become friends - level 3

Goat and tiger become friends - level 3

30-11-2015 15:00

This is one brave billy! A goat intended to be lunch for a tiger at a Russian zoo has survived against all odds by becoming the big cat’s friend.

Staff at a Russian safari park was stunned when the unlikely bond formed between Amur the tiger and his intended meal that zookeepers have named Timur, meaning “iron” because of his bravery.

The Siberian tiger even had to sleep outside his hut, as the cheeky goat stole his new friend’s bed. This footage shows the goat following the tiger around the enclosure, even trotting after him when he gets left behind. Whereever Amur goes, so does Timur.

Keepers said the tiger is quite lazy by nature, so hasn't gone to the trouble of hunting the goat. Let's just hope he doesn't get hungry!

Difficult words: billy (a male goat), intended (planned or meant), against all odds (if something happens against all odds, it is not likely to happen), stunned (surprised), bond (a relationship), hut (a small simple “house”), enclosure (an area surrounded by a wall or fence), trot (to run).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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