Goat on a skateboard - level 3

Goat on a skateboard - level 3

20-09-2013 14:00

Here he is, Happie from Florida, runs up, oh, that's a wonderful four-hoofed plant!

Yes, this is not only a skateboarding goat but a world record-breaking skateboarding goat. Happie clocked in an incredible 36 metres in just 25 seconds, and without putting his foot down. It's the farthest a goat has ever travelled on a skateboard and he's really doing his species proud. As Happie is a goat, he can't tell us how proud he is to be a record breaker but luckily his trainer and owner Melody Cook can.

"She's a little bit of a diva now. She's still very friendly and stuff but sometimes she has this attitude or this look in her eyes, she’s like 'look at me I'm a diva'. I realised Happie was a talented goat when she was following me around and trying to do tricks just to get treats out of me, like, I would give a treat and if she wanted more she would try scratching me or jumping on top of something and then I realized, 'Whoa, this goat has potential!'"

Difficult words: hoof (black hard part of the goat's foot), clock in (reach), species (animal kind), diva (proud and famous female), attitude (self-confidence), treat (little bit of good food), potential (talent).

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