Goldfish beauty contest - level 3

Goldfish beauty contest - level 3

29-10-2014 07:00

A beauty contest with a slightly different twist took place on Thursday, as around 10,000 goldfish with exotic figures vied for the title of Miss Goldfish.

Yes, you heard right, in Fuzhou, China, Panda Butterfly Tails, Pearl Scales with Red Crowns, as well as 10,000 goldfish beauties contended for champions in 16 categories.

Breeders battled it out for a range of different titles, with the World Goldfish Queen crown the most fiercely contested category.

The criteria for Miss Goldfish is graded in five aspects - features, colour, figure, swimming appearance and general impression.

A goldfish with a curled tail fin and bright colours stood out among the 30 in the "red and white ranchu" category.

Besides its magnificent figure, it apparently also swam beautifully.

Goldfish originating from Fuzhou are often exported to Japan, Singapore and other countries around the world.

Difficult words: twist (version), exotic (special and coming from a different place), figure (body), vie (compete), contend (compete), fiercely (energetically), contest (compete in), champion (winner), criterion (standard by which something is judged), magnificent (extremely beautiful).


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