Gorilla is born by caesarean section - level 2

Gorilla is born by caesarean section - level 2

04-03-2016 15:00

A pregnant gorilla at a zoo in England had problems, and the baby had to be taken out by caesarean section. The baby gorilla is the first gorilla to be successfully born by caesarean section.

The baby hasn’t got a name yet, but she is over a kilo heavy and doing fine. A zookeeper said that she already has quite a strong character like her mother. She lets people know when she’s awake and when she’s hungry.

Unusually, a human gynaecologist carried out the caesarean section. He said that the operation was very similar to operating on a human.

Difficult words: pregnant (with a baby inside the belly), caesarean section (opening the mother’s belly and taking out the baby).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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