Gorilla lives in a house - level 3, A12

Gorilla lives in a house - level 3, A12

04-01-2012 23:00

Gorillas live in nature or in the zoo. However, they are also capable of living in houses.

A 13 years old female gorilla lives in a house with her adoptive mother and father in France. Her name is Digit.

When Digit was born, her biological mother refused to feed her so they took little Digit home. She slept in their bed first 10 years but now she weighs 130 kilos and she has to sleep in her own bed.

Digit likes playing with Lego and she likes looking into books. Digit understands what people say and her parents understand her sounds too.

Her adoptive parents are over 60 years old and they are worried about what might happen to their daughter when they are not strong enough to take care of her.  So they are trying to teach her how to live with other gorillas and they hope Digit will have her own baby one day.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: refuse, feed.

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