Great skatepark in Bolivia - level 3

Great skatepark in Bolivia - level 3

03-09-2014 15:00

Skateboarding in Bolivia is not just extreme, but also extremely pretty.

This skatepark in La Paz is one of the largest in the region and the highest in altitude, giving it a beautiful backdrop of the Andes mountain range.

The 1400-square-metre park was constructed earlier this year by more than 100 volunteers from over 17 countries. And the entire operation took just 30 days.

Situated in the Pura Pura district of the city, the park draws over 3,000 visitors every week, and due to its location they hail from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

The park's design was a collaborative effort, with skaters around the world contributing ideas, including a Japanese group who designed the Fujiyama ramp, inspired by the country's prominent mountain.

Local authorities have already called the park a huge success and are hoping to further expand the territory for skaters.

Difficult words: altitude (height), backdrop (background), volunteer (person who works without being paid for it), entire (whole), draw (attract), hail (come), socio-economic (how much money you have), collaborative (produced by two or more people/groups of people), effort (project), contribute (to give something to help), prominent (famous), expand (grow), territory (space).


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