Greece is not good for Germans - level 3, A12

Greece is not good for Germans - level 3, A12

13-03-2012 18:00

German tourists don’t want to spend their holiday in Greece anymore because they are afraid that Greek people will be angry with them. Greeks are angry because Germany wants them to have higher taxes and lower pensions.

The Greek minister of tourism is not happy about the situation. He wants to change the situation very quickly, but it will not be easy. Greece is close to going bankrupt but Greek people don’t want to increase taxes and reduce pensions. However, if they don’t do it, they can't stay in the Euro-zone.

Germany is one of Greece’s main sources of tourism, with around two million Germans visiting the country last year. That is 12% of all tourists visiting Greece last year and it is a big number.

Greece’s economy is dependent on tourism because about 15% of all Greece’s money comes from tourism. Tourists spend in Greece 10 billion euros every year.

Written by David for News in Levels

Interesting words: go bankrupt, sources.

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