Grenade explodes near players – level 3, A12

Grenade explodes near players – level 3, A12

21-09-2012 22:00

In Iran local football derbies can be explosive affairs even at the best of times and this crunch clash in the central city of Isfahan proved to be no different when a fan threw a live hand grenade onto the pitch.

Iranian television showed one of the players from home side Foolad Sepahan pick the missile up thinking it was a piece of harmless debris.

As the replay shows he then nonchalantly throws the grenade over the touch line. Then as it lands on an advertising hoarding, the grenade blows up yards from the linesman and players of both sides.

Incredibly, there were no reports of injuries but the game was cancelled and the police have launched an investigation.


Interesting words: derby (match between two teams from the same city), crunch (important), pitch (football field), missile (weapon which can fly over long distances), debris (piece left after an explosion), nonchalantly (with no worries or big interest), touch line (line on a side of a field), hoarding (billboard), linesman (referee on a line).


This text is for Level 3. Please click here for Level 1 and Level 2.

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