Grey wolf in California - level 3

Grey wolf in California - level 3

14-07-2014 15:00

San Diego's latest resident has got a new job. Shadow, the baby grey wolf cub, will soon become an ambassador for his species.

The two-month-old pooch is taking it easy at the moment though, as he's completing a 30-day quarantine to make sure he's up to scratch.

“Today we're visiting with Shadow. He's a ten-week-old grey wolf pup and he's here in the nursery doing a 30-day quarantine where he, once he leaves, will be an animal ambassador with the Wegeforth Bowl.”

Little Shadow is being introduced to a number of smells and sights such as ficus branches and ice cubes to chew on. The young wolf can also be seen by guests at the zoo nursery.

“Oh Lord, look at that!”

Once he's been given the all-clear, Shadow will take part in demonstrations at the zoo's amphitheatre as one of the animal ambassadors. One of his jobs is to help visitors learn more about his species.

Difficult words: cub (young animal), ambassador (animal which represents something), species (animal kind), up to scratch (ready), pooch (dog), all-clear (signal that danger is over).


What do you feel when you see a wild animal in a zoo?

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