Grumpy Cat in New York - level 3

Grumpy Cat in New York - level 3

20-08-2014 15:00

By the looks of things, it seems the Grumpy Cat lived up to her name on Thursday in New York.

But this time she had something to smile about, as more than a thousand people gathered to celebrate the launch of her latest book.

At a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan, the frowning feline was greeted by adoring fans, as she sat looking as cheesed off as ever. Grumpy Cat can be seen stoically posing for pictures with her cheerful followers and dishing out copies of the book with a paw-stamp autograph.

“It's like everyone is grumpy at some point in their life. And she's just so cute and fluffy.”

In her latest book named The Grumpy Guide To Life: Observations By Grumpy Cat, she dishes out cranky advice.

Grumpy Cat has become an internet sensation, with nearly 16 million views of her first YouTube video and 6.2 million likes on Facebook.

Difficult words: grumpy (bad-tempered), gather (come in large numbers), frown (to make an unhappy expression), feline (cat), be cheesed off (bored or frustrated), stoically (not showing emotion when bad things happen to you), dish out (distribute or provide), paw (animal’s foot), fluffy (soft), cranky (angry), sensation (something which becomes very popular quickly).


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