Hailstorm in Russia - level 3

Hailstorm in Russia - level 3

22-07-2014 07:00

Beachgoers in Russia got more than a bit of suntan when a freak storm sent them running and screaming for cover.

On one of the hottest days of the summer, the skies opened up, plunging huge chunks of hailstones into the ground and sea.

Shocking pictures show the moment the weather took a dramatic turn, as people ran for cover, one woman can be heard saying if we die I love you.

Strong winds swept across the beach, and temperatures suddenly dropped from about 40 to 22 degrees Celsius.

As the river and beach were pummelled from the skies, children cried and screamed in horror, cowering under trees.

Towels, beach umbrellas and blankets were abandoned, as people ran to save themselves.

Despite this freak storm, no injuries or deaths have been reported.

Difficult words: freak (very unusual and unexpected), plunge (bring or send), huge (very big), chunks (piece), hailstone (small ball of frozen rain), pummel (hit many times), cower (crouch down in fear).

Source: www.itn.co.uk

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