Halloween fireballs - level 3

Halloween fireballs - level 3

09-11-2015 07:00

Two Halloween fireballs believed to be burning meteors have been caught on camera falling in the night sky. The green fireballs were seen in Thailand and Poland with witnesses capturing the incident from their cars.

The shooting stars are part of the Taurid's meteor shower and are dubbed Halloween fireballs due to their occurrence in late October.

The Thai Astronomical Society said the meteor seen from Bangkok could be identified as a fireball given its brightness. According to the Polish Fireball Network, the bolide, a term used by astronomers to refer to meteors that explode in the atmosphere, was spotted by many people across the country.

The shower is an annual event, occurring between September and December, as the Earth travels through debris from the comet Encke. The meteors are said to be most visible through to the end of November with the possibility of spotting as many as a dozen per hour if conditions allow.

Difficult words: dub (to give a nickname to something), due to (because of), occurrence (how often something occurs – happens), annual (happening every year), debris (little pieces of something broken), spot (to see briefly).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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