Hangover-fighting ice-cream – level 2

Hangover-fighting ice-cream – level 2

31-05-2016 07:00

A supermarket in South Korea started to sell a hangover-fighting ice-cream. It is the first ice-cream of this type.

While there are pills, drinks, soup and even cosmetics in South Korea that can fight the after-effects of alcohol consumption, the ice lolly is becoming popular.

One man said that he likes the grapefruit flavour. Unlike many hangover cure drinks, he says it does not taste of medicine.

Drinking, often in groups of co-workers, is big business in South Korea and so are hangover cures, which generate around 86 million pounds a year.

Difficult words: hangover (when you have a headache and your body hurts after drinking a lot of alcohol), ice lolly (a piece of ice cream on a stick), cure (something which makes you feel better).

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