Harley-Davidson travels to Canada - level 3, A12

Harley-Davidson travels to Canada - level 3, A12

23-05-2012 09:00

A Harley-Davidson was found on the coast of Canada. The motorbike, owned by one man from Japan, was taken from Japan by a tsunami after a strong earthquake one year ago and it spent one year travelling at sea. During this time, it traveled at least 6500 kilometers.

The motorbike was in a container because its owner used the container as a garage.

The owner was surprised when somebody contacted him and told him that his lost bike was found in Canada after such a long time.

According to mechanics the bike needs some repair but it will still be OK. The Harley-Davidson company will pay for the repairs.

Written by Libor for News in Levels

Interesting words: coast, at least.

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