Heavy floods in Bolivia - level 1

Heavy floods in Bolivia - level 1

04-03-2015 7:00

In October, it started to rain in Bolivia. Now it is flooding. The floods make a lot of problems. The situation is serious. A lot of people leave their houses. Twenty-five people die.

The middle and north of Bolivia have the most floods. An area called Pando is in the north. A river there makes many people leave their houses. A few people die.

The Bolivian government helps. It sends food, beds and soap. It also sends tents. People live in the tents inside of schools. People worry that there is not a lot of room.

Difficult words: flood (when a lot of water covers a place that normally doesn’t have water), government (the "bosses" of a country), worry (to be sad and think about something bad a lot).

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