Heavy floods in Bolivia - level 3

Heavy floods in Bolivia - level 3

04-03-2015 7:00

Bolivia’s government has declared a state of emergency in response to flooding caused by heavy seasonal rains. Worst hit has been the northern province of Pando, in the Amazon rain forest on the border with Brazil, where the river Acre burst its banks.

Around 9000 families have been made homeless and several people are reported dead. The government has sent 4.5 tons of aid, including food, mattresses, mosquito nets, and toiletries to the affected residents. Local authorities have set up tent shelters for the flood victims in nearby schools, but they are reportedly nearly at full capacity.

At least 25 people have been killed and more than 17,000 households have been affected by the heavy seasonal rain since October with the central and northern regions of the country hardest hit.

Difficult words: state of emergency (when a government gives itself special powers to help during a dangerous situation), province (a large part of a country that can have its own government), burst a bank (when a river leaves its banks, or edges, and flows onto land), aid (help), toiletries (things to clean yourself like soap or toothpaste), affected (damaged and in need of help).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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