Heavy footballer is an internet star – level 3

Heavy footballer is an internet star – level 3

05-04-2013 14:00

A 20-stone footballer from South Wales has become a worldwide internet sensation after he was secretly filmed practicing his incredible ball skills. A group of visitors to Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire was so astonished when they saw Andrew Cassidy having a kick around in a car park, they decided to film it and post it on YouTube. The clip soon went viral and now has over two million hits something the 50-year-old is still coming to terms with.

“It’s a bit over the top of my head, really. It’s all happened in a day, just over a day. I don't know really my head, it just has been a spin with that. I had only like two hours sleep last night because I couldn’t get asleep thinking about what’s happened in the last days. I haven’t even seen myself on YouTube yet, so that’ll be something for me to see.”

Andrew took up his hobby after a close friend died and soon discovered he was a natural. He now practices for two hours a day and is already well-known in his hometown.

“I am used to everyone sort of stopping and telling me about it and telling me to go on Britain’s Got Talent and things but I’ve always been overweight and conscious about my weight so, that’s always put me off.

With Andrew now an internet star, it might not be too long before he swaps the car park for a spot in front of the Britain's Got Talent judges.

Interesting words: stone (6.35 kg), take up (start doing something), natural (talented man or woman), put off (discourage), swap (change).

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