Heavy rain in Sicily and Athens – level 3

Heavy rain in Sicily and Athens – level 3

26-02-2013 06:00

Violent thunderstorms and torrential rains have caused chaos across much of southern Europe.

In Italy, the Sicilian city of Catania was turned into a raging river with strong waters carrying away vehicles. Some 50 litres of rain per square metre fell in just half an hour. Hundreds of firefighters were scrambled but only one person was injured.

The situation was worse in Greece where one woman died and dozens of commuters were trapped in their cars after a torrential downpour swamped the capital Athens.

Power outages darkened large parts of the city during the overnight cloudburst, a river broke its banks and traffic jams brought much of Athens to a standstill in the morning rush hour.

Interesting words: torrential (heavy), raging (extremely violent), scrambled (put together quickly), downpour (heavy rain), swamp (suddenly cover an area with a lot of water), power outages (times with no electricity), cloudburst (sudden short rain storm), standstill (no movement or activity).

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