Heimlich manoeuvre – level 3

Heimlich manoeuvre – level 3

02-06-2016 15:00

He might be the man that invented it, but in his 96 years Henry Heimlich's never had to use the life-saving technique named after him – until this week.

"She was sitting in a chair and I turned her around so that her back would be exposed to me, put my arms around her and then I pressed where I describe it on her abdomen below the rib cage. And after three compressions this piece of meat came out and she just started breathing and her whole face changed!"

He saved the life of Patty, a fellow resident at the senior centre he’s lived in for the last 6 years.

"Yeah, so when I wrote my thank-you note to him for saving my life, I said, ‘God put me in that seat right next to you, Doctor Heimlich, so you could save my life.’ Because I was gone, I couldn’t breathe at all for a long time."

And the Cincinnati doctor says finally getting to use his move and save a life is pretty special.

"I sort of felt wonderful about it, just having saved that girl. I knew it was working all over the world. And I just felt a satisfaction."

Difficult words: fellow resident (a person that resides/lives at the same place as you), Cincinnati (a large city in Ohio, USA).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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