High-speed car chase - level 3

High-speed car chase - level 3

11-11-2014 15:00

West Midlands Police have released this footage of a high-speed car chase during which two drug dealers threw packets of heroin out of their car window, as they tried to escape police.

The two men flung £230,000 worth of the drug from their car while dodging traffic at speeds of over 120 mph (193 kph) on the M6 motorway.

Video footage shows the dramatic chase, highlighting the moments when the drugs were thrown from the car.

After the chase, lasting almost half an hour, police boxed in the car, forcing it to stop.

A police search of the stretch of motorway later revealed two large packages of heroin on the hard shoulder.

Two men, Paul Duckworth and Mohamed Kabbar, were arrested and sentenced to 15-months and five years, respectively.

Difficult words: chase (try to catch somebody), packet (package), fling (throw), dodge (avoid by a sudden quick movement), box in (trap/make stop), stretch (area), hard shoulder (emergency lane/lane with road and not dirt), respectively (in that order).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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